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  • Great for receiving textile foils
  • Plotter cut material to receive foils
  • heat applied with heat press.
  • Durable and wears clear unless foil applied.
  • Adheres to 100% polyester, 100% cotton and all poly/cotton blends- Can also be applied to paper for foil scrapbooking

  • Peel Hot

  • Temperature  300° F  remove the clear blue liner carefully. Continue cutting the material mirror image with the smooth side down then weed.If unsure if which side to cut peel one edge slightly and feel the stickiness on the underside , that is the side to cut on.

  • Application Time 5 seconds

  • Remove clear blue liner.  Cut the material with mirrored image with the smooth side down. I cut with 110 force on a GCC. Then weed.

  • Settings for Cameo are: 

  • Blade 2, speed 4-6 (depends on what I'm cutting), thickness 11 double cut. If I changed my blade probably wouldn't need to double cut but I found some places that could have cut better so when I added the double cut that worked better
  • NOTE: When removing the clear blue liner, make sure to not peel back the actual film

    Use a 45 Degree Blade
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