HOLOGRAM HEAT PRESS VINYL Click here to choose your Color and Size

I love this Material

I use this material to cut out a Rhinestone Design , It gives the look of Faux Rhinestones and is Kid safe.

Each Color, reflects many colors, like  a Prism.

Awsome for Kids wear and Spirit Wear, Dance, Drill Team, And Cheer Teams as well as any Rhinestone Design.

This mateiral Does not Stretch or You cannot Layer it.

Will adhere to most garments except Nylon

Use a Med to Firm Pressure

I cut with 2 passes for a very easy lift of the material leaving the sequins dots behind on the Carrier Sheet.

My cut settings with my GCC expert cutter is 110 force and double cut all machines vary so test before you cut a design.

My settings for the Cameo are blade 8, depth 15 and did a double cut

Always Mirror your Designs

Peel carefully , if you see dots coming off your cutter did not cut all the way through the material and cut off the hang tag, that is why we do the double cut,  always test , before you cut your project.

I have vidoes on  you tube showing you how to cut and peel this material My you tube Vidoes are under Rhinestone Monkey.

Follow me on my Facebook page, Rhinestonetemplates.com and on Our Facebook Group Rhinestone Download Freebies, as well as Facebook Group Rhinestone Designers Marketplace.

Press at 320ish degrees Depending on your press I have pressed up to 375

Peel Cold

18-20 Sec

Wash inside out and tumble dry low heat.

This is a Decorative application and should be treated as such to the end user.

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