I have sourced the Best Rhinestones I could find for you, I use these same Rhinestones Everyday Myself.

I have Three different kinds of Rhinestones available and all are Hotfix with amazing Glue on the Back.

If pressed properly these Rhinestones Will adhere permanently.

My Glue is Different than most suppliers, It requires a heat setting of 385 for 20 seconds.

As always first prepress a Garment to get excess moisture out for 7-10 seconds

Press the Transfer on your Garment for 20 seconds and at 385 degrees.

Let cool and Peel your Transfer off leaving these amazing sparkly Rhinestones.

I carry Three kinds of Stones

Economy Chinese Rhinestones in the color Purple Passion , This color is amazing,and the only type of stone I can source it in is Chinese, these stones will be smaller, than my other stones, they still have bling, but have less facets and the price reflects it, However the color is Perfect Purple.

Korean Stones are the most used in the industry and a Great price with tons of Bling.

Trillion Machine Cut stones are exclusive to us, and bring alot more Sparkle than the other stones I carry, the facets are Deep and reflect the Light extremely Well. The price is Higher to reflect on the Higher Quality of Stones.

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Progressive Bow Design Buy November 2017 Download EPS SVG PLT

$20.00 $269.93
This limited offer ends
New -93%

Progressive Dec 2017 Design Buy EPS SVG PLT Downloads

$20.00 $269.72
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